Gareth L. Powell

Gareth L. Powell is an award-winning science fiction and fantasy author from Bristol. His third novel, Ack-Ack Macaque, co-won the 2013 BSFA Award for Best Novel. His books have been published in the UK, Germany, the USA and Japan, and have all received enthusiastic reviews in The Guardian.

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Ack-Ack Macaque

Released 18 December 2012

By Gareth L. Powell


Monkeys. Ninjas. Zeppelins. A science-fiction novel with a Steampunk sheen and a primate twist, Ack-Ack Macaque is a blisteringly fun SF masterpiece from master storyteller Gareth L. Powell.

 In 1944, as waves of German ninjas parachute into Kent, Britain’s best hopes for victory lie with a Spitfire pilot codenamed ‘Ack-Ack Macaque.’ The trouble is he’s actually a cynical, one-eyed, cigar-chomping monkey, and he’s starting to doubt everything – including his own existence!

A century later, when nuclear-powered Zeppelins circle the globe, ex-journalist Victoria Valois is drawn into a deadly game with the man who killed her husband and stole her electronic soul, while the heir to the British throne goes on the run. Meanwhile, the doomsday clock ticks towards Armageddon...

“Fizzes with wild ideas... A ripping yarn about murder, mayhem and monkeys”
– Philip Reeve, author of Mortal Engines series

“Gareth Powell is going to be a major voice in SF.”
– Paul Cornell

UK: 9781781080597
US: 9781781080603


Hive Monkey

Released 31 December 2013

By Gareth L. Powell

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Gareth L. Powell's primate pilot is back for more monkey business in Hive Monkey – the sequel to the hit gung-ho Steampunk smash hit Ack-Ack Macaque.

 With a barrel-full of trouble and a chamber-full of attitude, charismatic but dangerous former Spitfire pilot Ack-Ack has gone into hiding working as a pilot on a world-circling nuclear-powered Zeppelin.

 But when the cabin of one of his passengers is invaded by the passenger's own dying doppelganger, our hirsute hero finds himself thrust into another race to save the world this time from an aggressive hive mind, time-hopping saboteurs, and an army of homicidal Neanderthal assassins!

After an appearance in legendary British comic book 2000 AD last year, Ack-Ack Macaque was the surprise new direction for the renowned SF author, combining Powell's incredible inventiveness with a fresh take on the Steampunk genre and an invigorating splash of Boy's Own comic book-style adventure.

 “…an explosive narrative with brilliant cliffhangers”
-The Guardian on Ack-Ack Macaque

“More fun than a barrel of steampunk monkeys… an over-the-top, adventure story with smart ideas”
-The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Ack-Ack Macaque

UK: 9781781081655 | 2nd January 2014
US: 9781781081662 | 31st December 2013


Macaque Attack!

Released 15 January 2015

By Gareth L. Powell

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In Ack Ack Macaque he exposed an international conspiracy at the heart of the French royal family. In Hive Monkey he faced up to an aggressive hind mind in a time-hoping race to save the world from certain destruction.

Now in Macaque Attack the infamous former spit-fire pilot is back, and this time he’s brought an army. Ack-Ack Macaque faces a world on the brink in this adventure in the thrilling conclusion of the Macaque Trilogy.

The dangerous but charismatic Ack-Ack Macaque finds himself leading a dimension-hopping army of angry monkeys, facing an invading horde of implacable killer androids, and confronting the one challenge for which he was never prepared: impending fatherhood!

Meanwhile, former journalist Victoria Valois fights to save the electronic ghost of her dead husband and reclaim his stolen soul from the sands of Mars.

Combining a heart of hard SF with a sense of humour and creative world building that will appeal to fans of Terry Pratchett, Ack-Ack Macaque has been gathering a fandom following since the monkey first burst on to the scene in Interzone Magazine in a haze of bullets and cigar smoke back in 2009. An appearance in legendary British comic 2000 AD followed, before he was to find a home among the pages of the award-winning Macaque Trilogy.

Now the fan favourite takes to the skies for the last time; so settle back, pour yourself a banana daiquiri, watch the mayhem unfold and while Macaque Attack wraps up the story for devotees of the monkey’s previous two adventures, fans of Powell’s earlier space opera, The Recollection, will also find a few welcome surprises…

“Ack-Ack is an inspired creation, a monkey with attitude, issues and a hole where his heart should be… riotous fun.”
-The Guardian

“Hit after hit after hot, until the reader is left breathless, reeling and slightly and in severe need of a banana daiquiri – 10/10”
-Fantasy Faction

“The much-anticipated “monkeypunk” novel.”
-SFX Magazine

“More fun than a barrel of steampunk monkeys… an over-the-top adventure with smart ideas.”
-Milwaukee Journal

UK: 9781781082850 | 15th January 2015
US: 9781781082867| 15th January 2015


The Recollection

Released 30 August 2011

By Gareth L. Powell

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With the galaxy-spanning scope of The Recollection, Gareth L. Powell announces himself as a fresh new voice in science-fiction.

In modern-day London, a failed artist falls in love with his sister-in-law. When his brother disappears into a bizarre gateway on a London Underground escalator, the lovers must leave feelings aside to find him. Meanwhile, 400 years in the future, an ancient evil stirs as a woman tries to regain the trust of her family.

With the scale of Iain M. Banks and the intrigue of Alistair Reynolds, Powell’s first book for Solaris brings a stunning breath of fresh air into epic science-fiction – an astounding novel about both personal human relationships and their place in the vastness of time and space.

“Utterly impossible to put down”
-Colin Harvey, author of Winter Song

“Gareth Powell is going to be a major voice in SF”
-Paul Cornell

UK: 9781907519994 | 1st September 2011
US: 9781907519987 | 30th August 2011


Solaris Rising

Released 25 October 2011

By Dave Hutchinson, Gareth L. Powell, Ian Whates

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Looking for science fiction of the highest order? Solaris Rising is the first in an exciting new series of anthologies set to reaffirm Solaris’s proud reputation for producing high quality science fiction.

In a book full of boundless variety, energy and imagination, award-winning editor Ian Whates gathers the most accomplished writers in the genre including Ian McDonald, Paul di Filippo, Stephen Baxter, Adam Roberts, Pat Cadigan, Eric Brown, Alastair Reynolds and Peter F. Hamilton.

From the imprint that brought you The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction series, Solaris Rising promises bizarre futures, gritty other worlds and strange realms, exemplifying the diversity and innovation that continue to make science fiction the most thrilling genre there is.

 “A cliché it may be, but there really is something for everyone here... an ideal bait to tempt those who only read novels to climb over the short fiction fence.”
Interzone on The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, Vol. 2

UK: 9781907992087 | 1st November 2011
US: 9781907992094 | 25th October 2011


Solaris Rising 1.5

Released 17 July 2012

By Dave Hutchinson, Gareth L. Powell, Ian Whates


Following the enormous success of the critically-acclaimed Solaris Rising, Solaris are proud to announce they've commissioned a follow-up, Solaris Rising 2, due out in Spring 2013.

But you can't wait that long, and we honestly can't blame you! To that end, we present Solaris Rising 1.5, a short anthology of nine short stories from some of the most exciting names in science fiction today.

From both sides of the pond - and further afield - these nine great writers offer you everything from a mystery about the nature of the universe to an inexplicable transmission to everyone on Earth, and from engineered giant spiders to Venetian palaces in space.

So settle in, and enjoy yet more proof of the extraordinary breadth and depth of contemporary SF.


Solaris Rising 2

Released 26 March 2013

By Dave Hutchinson, Gareth L. Powell, Ian Whates


Featuring new short stories from top names in the genre, Solaris Rising 2 is the latest galaxy-spanning collection of science-fiction from the leader in SF anthologies.

Showcasing the finest new science fiction from both celebrated authors and the most exciting of emerging writers, it follows in the footsteps of the critically-acclaimed first volume, editor Ian Whates has once again gathered together a plethora of thrilling and daring talent.

From unexplored frontiers to common themes of the genre – alien worlds, time travel, artificial intelligence – this is science-fiction made entirely new in the telling. Paul Cornell, Nancy Kress, James Lovegrove, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Nick Harkaway, Allen Steele, Kay Kenyon, Norman Spinrad and many more prove once again why SF continues to be the most innovative, satisfying, and downright exciting genre of all.

The SF short story is a groundbreaking tradition that has brought us some of the greatest science-fiction writers in the world. Solaris continues this tradition with Solaris Rising, its series of SF collections featuring both new and established voices in the modern genre.

 Bizarre futures, gritty other worlds and strange realms, Solaris Rising exemplifies the diversity and innovation that continue to make science fiction the most thrilling genre there is.

“One of the best SF anthologies published this year… there’s almost nothing here that isn’t good or outstanding”
-Locus on Solaris Rising

UK: 9781781080870 | 11th April 2013
US: 9781781080887 | 26th March 2013 


Solaris Rising 3

Released 26 August 2014

By Dave Hutchinson, Gareth L. Powell, Ian Whates


Solaris Rising 3 pushes the boundaries of current SF publishing and hammers home, story after story,  Whates’ mission statement to prove that SF is the most exciting and inspiring of all the fiction genres; offering the poignant reflection of humanity – often funny, often dark and always surprising – that sits at the heart of all great fiction writing, and stretching it across time and space.

With contributions from Ken Liu, Rachel Swirsky, Gareth L. Powell, Aliette de Bodard, Tony Ballantyne and many, many more, Solaris Rising 3 is a diverse collection of ground-breaking stories that will be essential reading for SF fans everywhere.

Described by as “the UK’s finest editor of Science Fiction,” Whates has gathered together some of the best known names and most thrilling emerging talents in SF to contribute to this latest bumper anthology release in Solaris Book’s stellar year of anthology publishing.

Featuring stories from:
Adam Roberts // Alex Dally MacFarlane // Aliette de Bodard // Benjamin Rosenbaum // Benjanun Sriduangkaew // Cat Sparks // Chris Beckett // Gareth L. Powell // George Zebrowski // Ian R. MacLeod & Martin Sketchley // Ian Watson // Julie E. Czerneda // Ken Liu // Laura Lam // Nina Allan// Rachel Swirsky // Sean Williams // Tony Ballantyne

'The literary equivalent of a well-presented buffet of tasty snacks, this latest science fiction anthology from Solaris serves up an intriguing mix of 19 short tales from some of the best SF writers at work today.’

'This anthology of new short stories is essential reading.'
-BBC Focus magazine

UK: 9781781082089 | 11th September 2014 
US: 9781781082096 | 26th August 2014