Jonathan Barnes

Jonathan Barnes was born in 1979 and was educated in Norfolk and at Oxford University. His first novel, The Somnambulist, was published in 2007 and his second, The Domino Men, in 2008. Between them they have been translated into eight languages. He writes regularly for the Times Literary Supplement and the Literary Review and has contributed to the Arts pages of The Lancet. He is also the author of several full-cast audio dramas from Big Finish Productions, featuring characters from Sherlock Holmes, Frankenstein and Doctor Who. 

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Released 10 February 2015

By Jonathan Barnes

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Infused with Barnes’ flair for the grotesque and featuring an impressive cast-list of English literature’s greatest figures, Cannononbridge is The Somnambulist author’s hotly anticipated return to world of Byron, Dickens and Wilde, featuring at its heart the greatest star of the century: Matthew Cannonbridge.

Flamboyant Matthew Cannonbridge was touched by genius, the most influential mind of the 19th century, a novelist, playwright, the poet of his generation. The only problem is, he should never have existed, and as recently divorced 21st Century don Toby Judd is the only person to realise something is wrong with history.

Cannonbridge was everywhere: he was by Lake Geneva when talk between Byron, Shelley and Mary Godwin turned to the supernatural; he was friend to the young Dickens as he laboured in the blacking factory; he was the only man of note to visit Wilde in prison. His extraordinary life spanned a century.

But as the world prepares to toast the bicentenary of Cannonbridge's most celebrated work, Judd's discovery leads him on a breakneck chase across the English canon and countryside, to the realisation that the spectre of Matthew Cannonbridge, planted so seamlessly into the heart of the 19th Century, might not be so dead and buried after all...

In this stunning speculative take on the literary thriller, Barnes effortlessly fuses together his brilliantly realised pastiches of the 19th Century’ s greatest wordsmiths with his own delightfully horrible cast of satirical 21st Century misfits. Barnes pulls his readers along on the greatest literary man-hunt of all-time in a twisted and bitingly clever narrative, which perfectly captures the spirit of the Gothic. Cannonbridge is a highly original crossover novel that will delight bibliophiles everywhere.

UK: 9781781082966 
US: 9781781082973