Wakening the Crow

Released 6 November 2014

By Stephen Gregory


On a freezing night in January bookshop owner Oliver Gooch and his small daughter Chloe come across the crow, a raggedy skeletal wretch of a bird, that takes up a persistent refuge in their new converted church home.

Oliver took the money for their home from his daughter’s accident insurance. Chloe, once a rambunctious and defiant child is now a silently smiling companion to Oliver, both a gift and curse as Oliver balances the guilt over his preference for this new, easy-to-manage child.

 As the crow begins to infiltrate their lives it changes something in Oliver and Chloe. How is the crow connected to the boyhood tooth of Edgar Allan Poe, a mysterious gift to Oliver from which his bookshop draws its name, and with what purpose does it haunt the gloomy, fire-lit vestry of Poe’s Tooth Bookshop?

Stephen Gregory writes with a beautiful duality of prose, creating a modern take on the classic ghost story that covers both the sublime and the urban, building towards a devastating climax that neatly draws the novel’s main thematic threads - family, belief and human desire - together in a chilling conclusion.

Wakening the Crow is a wonderful new take on the literary ghost story tradition, drawing on the works of Edgar Allan Poe to create a novel that is both a homage to Poe’s original tales, and story haunted by them.

UK: 9781781082416 | 6th November 2014 
US: 9781781082423| 11th November 2014 


Stephen Gregory

Stephen Gregory is a former Hollywood screenwriter who has worked with director William Freidkin, among others. A Welsh writer, he was born in Derby, England and gained a law degree from the University of London. As a teacher he travelled the world for work, moving from Bangor in Wales to Algiers and the Sudan. His novel The Cormorant was made into a BBC film starring Ralph Fiennes. Wakening the Crow is his second novel for Solaris.