Ben Jeapes

An overdose of TV science fiction as a child doomed Ben Jeapes to life as a science fiction author. He took up writing in the mistaken belief that it would save him from having to get a real job (it didn’t). as well as being the author of several novels, he is a journal editor and technical writer. His Ya novels to date are His Majesty’s Starship, The Xenocide Mission, Time’s Chariot and The New World Order.

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Phoenicia’s Worlds

Released 30 July 2013

By Ben Jeapes

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La Nueva Temporada is Earth's only extrasolar colony an Earth-type planet caught in the grip of a very Earthtype Ice Age. Alex Mateo wants nothing more than to stay and contribute to the terraforming of his homeworld.

But tragedy strikes the colony, and to save it from starvation and collapse, Alex must reluctantly entrust himself to Phoenicia, the only starship in existence, to make the long slower-thanlight journey back to Earth.

But it is his brother Quin, who loathes La Nueva Temporada and all the people on it, who must watch his world collapse around him and become its saviour... while everyone watches the skies for the return of the Phoenicia.

“Ben Jeapes knows how to spin a compelling yarn.”
-Gareth L. Powell, author of Ack Ack Macaque

“Crammed full of intrigue and invention: I’ll be stealing ideas from this for years.”
-Simon Morden, author of the Petrovich Trilogy

UK: 9781781081273 | 1st August 2013
US: 9781781081273 | 30th July 2013