Christopher Fowler

Born in London, Christopher Fowler has written for film, radio, television, graphic novels and for newspapers, including The London Times, for more than thirty years. He is a regular columnist for The Independent on Sunday. Fowler is the multi-award winnning author of more than thirty novels, including the lauded Bryant & May mysteries. In the past year he has been nominated for eight national book awards.

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Hell Train

Released 5 January 2012

By Christopher Fowler

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At its peak in the 1960s, the legendary Hammer Films embarked upon an ill-fated new horror movie that was Dracula, Frankenstein and Dr Terror’s House Of Horrors all rolled into one…

Christopher Fowler, who created some of the most memorable taglines in movie history – including Alien’s “In space, no-one can hear you scream” – and whose company designed the iconic Trainspotting and Reservoir Dogs film posters, has crafted a terrifying tale set in the halcyon days of British horror cinema.

In his first book for Solaris, the multi-award winning author of the Bryant & May mysteries conjures up bizarre creatures, satanic rites, terrified passengers and the romance of train travel, all in a classically-styled horror novel that evokes the real-life spirits of this most British of movie studios.

When American screenwriter Shane Carter is asked to revive the classic studio’s fortunes and, inspired by an old board game, writes a script where four strangers who meet on a train journey through Eastern Europe during the First World War must solve a terrifying mystery if they are to survive.

As they race through the war-torn countryside, they must uncover the secrets of a locked casket and of the veiled Red Countess who travels with them. And what exactly is the devilish riddle of the train itself?!

“The very British spirit of Hammer Horror rises from the grave in Christopher Fowler’s rattling, roaring yarn”
-Kim Newman, author of Anno Dracula

UK: 9781907992438 | 5th January 2012
US: 9781907992445 |5th January 2012



Released 9 October 2014

By Christopher Fowler

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Newly-married architect Callie and her wealthy husband Mateo move to Hyperion House, a grand old home in southern Spain. It’s an eccentric place built in front of a cliff: serene and beautiful, but eerily symmetrical, and cunningly styled so that half the house is flooded with light, and half – locked up and neglected – is shrouded in darkness. Unemployed and feeling isolated in a foreign country, Callie determines to research the history of the curious building.

But the past is sometimes best left alone. Uncovering the folklore of the house’s strange history, Callie is drawn into darkness and delusion. As a teenager Callie was afraid of the dark, and now with her adolescent nyctophobia returning she becomes convinced there’s someone in the darkened rooms.

Somewhere in the darkness lies the truth about Hyperion House...

UK: 9781781082102 | 9th October 2014
US: 9781781082119 | 7th October 2014 



Released 30 July 2013

By Christopher Fowler

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June Cryer is a shopaholic suburban housewife trapped in a lousy marriage. After losing her home, husband and credit rating, she flat-sits a friend’s spectacular London high-rise apartment and prepares to indulge herself amidst London’s wealth.

But when a terrified girl breaks into the flat, June makes the mistake of asking the neighbours for help and she finds herself embroiled in an escalating nightmare, trying to prove that a murderer exists. For the next 24 hours she must survive on the streets without friends or money and solve an impossible crime.

Fowler has produced a dark thriller that skewers the lives of the urban rich, cutting open dark fears and bringing forth a novel that reveals the flimsy insecurities of modern life.

UK: 9781781081242 | 1st August 2013
US: 9781781081259 | 30th July 2013 


The Sand Men

Released 8 October 2015

By Christopher Fowler

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High-luxury resorts are growing from the ancient sands of Dubai; new playgrounds for the world’s super-rich. Dream World, the latest and largest of these bubble towns of unreality to emerge, is ambitious, grandiose and in trouble.

Roy Brook was a failing architect, now he’s Dream World’s latest hire and rising star, brought in to fix the failures that threaten the site’s grand opening. But for his wife, Lea, life has been irrevocably changed; living in a gated community, she finds herself a virtual prisoner in a land where the wives appear happy to follow behind their husbands in the isolated shade of their luxury homes.

At least there are a few friendly outsiders who don’t enjoy the conformity of the ex-pat community - until one night, when the most outspoken one, Milo, is killed in a suspicious hit-and-run. Milo’s death is the first in a string of terrible accidents that divide the foreign workers, as they start to blame migrants, Arabs and even each other. Lea is convinced that deliberate acts of cruelty are being committed – but is there a real threat to her life, or is she becoming paranoid? And what role does her estranged 15 year-old daughter Cara play?

What happens in a world where only the rich are important? Welcome to a future that’s five minutes away, where rebellion against conformity can lead to the unthinkable…

Praise for The Sand Men

"The Sand Men is a staggering read and should be on your bookshelf."

"A suffocating, compelling powder keg."