The Feast of All Souls

Released 6 December 2016

By Simon Bestwick

Preoder: UK|US

Alice's house stands at a gateway between worlds. Now something has awoken on the other side - and she's in its way...

378 Collarmill Road looks like an ordinary house. But sometimes, the world outside the windows isn t the one you expect to see. And sometimes you ll turn around and find you re not alone.
The suburb of Crawbeck, on a hill outside the English city of Manchester, overlooks the woodlands of Browton Vale. Alice Collier was happy here, once, but following the end of her marriage and loss of her daughter, she s come back to pick up the threads of her life.

John Revell, an old flame of Alice s, reluctantly comes to her aid when the house begins to reveal its secrets. The hill on which it sits is a place of legends of Old Harry, the Beast of Crawbeck, of the Virgin of the Height and of the mysterious Red Man and home to the secrets of the shadowy Arodias Thorne.

And now Alice and John stand between him and rest of our world...#

UK ISBN: 9781781084625
US ISBN: 9781781084625


Simon Bestwick

Simon Bestwick lives in Lancashire and is the author of a previous novel, Tide of Souls, two short story collections, A Hazy Shade of Winter and Pictures of The Dark, and a chapbook, Angels of The Silences. His short fiction has appeared most recently in the anthologies Where the Heart is, Never Again and The End of The Line. His novella, The Narrows, was shortlisted for the British Fantasy Award and reprinted in Ellen Datlow's Best Horror of the Year, while the Daily Telegraph praised Tide of Souls for 'the quality of the writing. Simon Bestwick writes with great imaginative flair and an excellent grasp of colour and narrative pace.'

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