Clifford Beal

Clifford Beal is a former journalist and the author of Gideon’s Angel and Raven's Banquet by Solaris Books. Following a swashbuckling past where he trained in 16th -17th century rapier combat, he now leads a more sedentary life but daydreams of returning to fighting trim. When not imbibing endless mugs of tea and writing, he can usually be found imbibing endless mugs of tea and reading. Originally from Providence, Rhode Island, he lives in Surrey, England with a fiery redhead of a wife and a crazed Boston terrier.

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The Witch of Torinia

Released 11 April 2017

By Clifford Beal

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Divide... and conquer. The thrilling new epic fantasy continues!

Lady Lucinda della Rovera, the renegade canoness of St Dionei, secret sorceress of the old gods, has cleverly split the One Faith into bitter factions and with the help of a pliant Duke of Torinia, launches a war to overthrow the king of Valdur and bring back the old ways. Brother Acquel Galenus, now Magister of the High Temple of Livorna, knows he must stop her, but doubts his own faith and ability. With powerful demons seeking to reenter the world through Lucinda, he must find allies, but how?

Julianus Strykar, now a "coronel" of the mercenary company of the Black Rose, finds himself thrust into the maelstrom of civil war but false pride leads him into a battle he may not be able to win -- or survive.

Captain Nicolo Danamis may have regained his fleet and command but the return of his long-lost father and lord, Valerian, has complicated his love affair with mer princess Citala. When his former lover -- the queen of Valdur -- demands his help, he and a suspicious Citala find themselves at the centre of palace intrigue as they try to avert an alliance with the predatory Silk Empire that will turn Valdur into a puppet kingdom. And then he learns that the crown prince may be his bastard son.

Friendships, loves, and the future of Valdur all hang by a thread...


Gideon's Angel

Released 28 February 2013

By Clifford Beal

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1653. Naive Royalists plot the downfall of Oliver Cromwell. But only one man knows the true enemy isn’t the Lord Protector – not when Satan is after the throne of England.

The English Civil War has ended with Cromwell now king in all but name. Many want him dead, including exiled royal officer, Richard Treadwell. But when the soldier-for-hire returns to England, he uncovers another plot to assassinate Cromwell that could bring a very different monarch to the throne – Satan himself!

Treadwell must choose between avenging the family and fortune stolen from him and the future of his country – because in order to save England from the Devil, he is going to have to save Cromwell.

Not to mention convincing a certain musketeer by the name of d’Artagnan that he should help him rather than drag him back to his would-be masters in France.

Demons, religion, magic, Freemasons, and Ranters all tangle together in this bloody historical adventure that requires an old Cavalier to save the English throne from the Lord of Hell!
“Splendid... Seventeenth-century Britain in all its sweaty, superstitious, blood-soaked savagery, with the bonus of added demons.”
-New York Times bestselling author James Lovegrove

"I took a look and I was hooked."
-Michael Moorcock

UK: 9781781080832 | 28th February 2013
US: 9781781080849 | 11th March 2013


The Guns Of Ivrea

Released 9 February 2016

By Clifford Beal

Pre-order now: UK|US

Acquel Galenus, former thief and now monk, uncovers a terrible secret under the Great Temple at Livorna, one that could shake the faith to its core. A secret that could get him killed. A secret that could enable an older, more sinister form of worship to be reborn.
Pirate princeling Nicolo Danamis, mercenary to the King and captain of the largest fleet in Valdur, has made one deal too many, and enemies are now closing in to destroy him.
Citala, fair-haired and grey-skinned, the daughter of the chieftain of the Merfolk, finds herself implacably drawn to the affairs of men. She puts events in motion that will end her people's years of isolation but that could imperil their very existence.
Their fates intertwine as they journey across the land, through duchies and free cities riven by political intrigue, religious fervour, and ancient hatreds. Alliances are being forged anew and after decades of wary peace, war is on the wind once again...

Praise for the Author
“Clifford Beal is a great story teller who keeps his readers on the edge of their seats.”
The Spectator

“I took a look – and was hooked. Check it out. Fast-paced fantasy/historical adventure.”
–Michael Moorcock on Gideon’s Angel.
“Clifford Beal has a real talent for bringing history to life in the most engaging way. Full of thrilling action, with a touch of the supernatural, and yet without flinching from the darkness of war and the soldier’s life.”
–Adrian Tchaikovsky on Raven’s Banquet.

UK ISBN: 9781781083482
US ISBN: 9781781083475


The Raven's Banquet

Released 13 May 2014

By Clifford Beal

buy now: Exlusive signed first edition|eBook

Clifford Beal is to follow his critically-acclaimed English Civil War novel, Gideon’s Angel, with an ebook exclusive from Solaris – Raven’s Banquet!

Set in Germany in 1626, the hero of Gideon’s Angel – Richard Treadwell – returns to tell how his journey into the supernatural began. A special first Edition, limited to just 200 copies, will be available from the Forbidden Planet chain of stores.

As a young man he journeyed to Hamburg to seek his fortune as a mercenary with the Danish army in the vast war raging in Germany between the Catholic Hapsburg empire and the Protestant princes. But he brings with him an old secret that, as he descends into a horrific maelstrom of conflict and slaughter, quickly destroys his illusions of adventure, right and wrong, and good and evil.

Beal has created another heart-stopping adventure novel that blends historical reality with dark, supernatural intrigue, which will be released exclusively as an ebook from Solaris this May!

Worldwide (digital): 13th May 2013
Plus - an exclusive special print edition available from Forbidden Planet