The Raven's Banquet

Released 13 May 2014

By Clifford Beal

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Clifford Beal is to follow his critically-acclaimed English Civil War novel, Gideon’s Angel, with an ebook exclusive from Solaris – Raven’s Banquet!

Set in Germany in 1626, the hero of Gideon’s Angel – Richard Treadwell – returns to tell how his journey into the supernatural began. A special first Edition, limited to just 200 copies, will be available from the Forbidden Planet chain of stores.

As a young man he journeyed to Hamburg to seek his fortune as a mercenary with the Danish army in the vast war raging in Germany between the Catholic Hapsburg empire and the Protestant princes. But he brings with him an old secret that, as he descends into a horrific maelstrom of conflict and slaughter, quickly destroys his illusions of adventure, right and wrong, and good and evil.

Beal has created another heart-stopping adventure novel that blends historical reality with dark, supernatural intrigue, which will be released exclusively as an ebook from Solaris this May!

Worldwide (digital): 13th May 2013
Plus - an exclusive special print edition available from Forbidden Planet


Clifford Beal

Clifford Beal is a former journalist and the author of Gideon’s Angel and Raven's Banquet by Solaris Books. Following a swashbuckling past where he trained in 16th -17th century rapier combat, he now leads a more sedentary life but daydreams of returning to fighting trim. When not imbibing endless mugs of tea and writing, he can usually be found imbibing endless mugs of tea and reading. Originally from Providence, Rhode Island, he lives in Surrey, England with a fiery redhead of a wife and a crazed Boston terrier.

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