Five Stories High preorder live now!

3 years ago

The night's are drawing in and it's turning chilly out there - which means it's the perfect time for a slice of proper haunted house horror.

Which is handy, as Five Stories High, our exciting - and terrifying - new horror collection is available for preorder as of right... now!

We're assembled five amazing talents for Five Stories High, and you can grab each story individually - check the links below for the full line-up and preorder links:

Maggots by Nina Allen
Preorder: UK|US|Rebellion Store

Priest’s Hole by KJ Parker
Preorder: UK|US|Rebellion Store

Gnaw by Tade Thompson
Preorder: UK|US|Rebellion Store

The Best Story I Can Manage Under the Circumstances by Robert Shearman
Preorder: UK|US|Rebellion Store

Skin Deep by Sarah Lotz
Preorder: UK|US|Rebellion Store

Of course, you can also preorder the full collection, complete with the linking narrative. Here's a little more about it...

Five Stories High 

‘They didn’t see the house until they were practically on top of it. A single building emerging from the dark. It didn’t look welcoming. But the front door was open. The door was wide open.’

Irongrove Lodge – a building with history; the very bricks and grounds imbued with the stories of those who have walked these corridors, lived in these rooms. These are the tales of an extraordinary house, a place that straddles our world and whatever lies beyond; a place that some are desperate to discover, and others to flee. At one time an asylum, at another a care home, sometimes simply a home.

The residents of Irongrove Lodge will learn that this house will change them, that the stories told here never go away. Of all who enter, only some will leave.

Multi-award-winning editor Jonathan Oliver has brought together five extraordinary writers to open the doors, revealing ghosts both past and present in a collection as intriguing as it is terrifying. Along with a linking narrative, this collection features five novellas by Nina Allan, Tade Thompson, K.J. Parker, Robert Shearman and Sarah Lotz.

Five Stories High is available to preorder now!
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