Ninefox Gambit makes Bookriot best of year list!

3 years ago

We may have mentioned, on the odd occasion, how good Ninefox Gambit is. Yoon Ha Lee's sci-fi debut stole hearts across fandom in 2016, and ended up on several end of year lists.

We missed its appearance on BookRiot though, where the writer starts talking about Ninefox Gambit thusly:

'When I finished reading this novel, I experienced that euphoric, giddy pulse of feeling that comes of reading something so fresh, so brilliant, and so delicately well done, that it had my head spinning.'

That's the first sentence. Needless to say, BookRiot is quite the fan. 

Head over to the site to see Ninefox Gambit's appearance in its Favourite Under-the Radar Books Publishied in 2016. Enjoy!

Ninefox Gambit is out now!
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