Grunt Hero is out now!

2 years ago

Grunts! Your time is now! Westo Ochse, that new titan of modern military science fiction, has returned to complete his Task Force Ombra trilogy with Grunt Hero, which hits shelves today.

There has rarely been a series as thoughtful yet as action packed as this. Weston's soldiers are flawed, vulnerable fighters with infinite complexity, fighting an implacable foe that places all of humanity at risk. 

We love these books - they're visceral, though-provoking and entertaining as all hell. So read on for the lowdown on Grunt Hero, and click through the links at the bottom of the page to grab your copy today.

Grunt Hero
by Weston Ochse


Ben Mason fought the war and lost. The Earth has been taken by an implacable alien intelligence: our cities terraformed, our people broken.

Now Mason — back in the arms of task force OMBRA — needs answers to the most desperate questions. Can nothing be done? What do the invaders want with Earth?

When all hope of survival is gone, all that’s left is to seek revenge…

Grunt Hero is out now!
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