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Rahal • Nirai • Andan • Vidona • Shuos • Kel • Liozh

Emblem: The Mirrorweb

Motto: Every reflection is a truth

Colors: White and gold

Center of Government: Palace of Glass

The Liozh were one of the oldest factions, and the old heptarchate’s leaders. They consisted of the ethicists and philosophers, with an emphasis on the theory of proper governance. Their founder was not a philosopher but a refugee scientist who became involved with the politics of the nascent heptarchate. At their best, the Liozh provided for the welfare of the common citizens who did not hold faction membership and united the other factions with their vision. At their worst, they descended to petty political maneuvering and corruption.


Liozh entrance examinations often focused on nasty ethical dilemmas and asked applicants to suggest possible solutions to existing policy problems. More cunning applicants often wrote answers to appeal to the dominant schools of thought, but occasionally fresh insights sneaked through anyway. As cadets, they performed public service in the community. In theory, this brought them into contact with the citizenry and grounded them in the realities of heptarchate life. It worked better with some than with others.


The Liozh usually counted the Rahal and Andan as allies, the former because they shared a sense of interest in vigorous debate, the latter for their ability to negotiate compromises. They tended to disdain the Vidona and Kel for their rigidity and emphasis on obedience, and found the Shuos too unstable to rely on.


The Liozh faction’s exotic training included the mirrorweight, which allowed a Liozh to scry their own inner nature. Records of how this manifested are fragmentary and often contradictory. In particular, it did nothing to save the Liozh from their doom at the other six factions’ hands when they attempted to reform the heptarchate’s government.

Liozh Henezda

Liozh Henezda oversaw the heptarchate during a period of great civil unrest. An ambitious man, he was determined to reduce Liozh dependence on the Rahal and Andan to push through his policies. Not all his policies were poorly thought out, but he tended to be heavy-handed in implementing them. The Rahal and Andan, unhappy to be sidelined, joined forces against him and revolted, but Henezda had foreseen the development and shored up his ties with the Shuos and Kel, who assisted him in putting down the revolt. This worked in the short term, but civil disruptions were common throughout his reign. When an assassin killed him several years later, few mourned. The next few Liozh heptarchs emphasized diplomatic solutions rather more than he had.

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