Released 2 February 2009

By Andy Remic


The City: an entire planet teeming with corruption, guns, sex, and designer drugs. Humans are upgraded by the injection of microscopic nanobots, courtesy of new technology from the Nano-Tek corporation, but when this highly desirable technology heads onto the black market, millions of people inject themselves with pirated biomods—and transform into zombies. Now they roam the streets, out for blood, packing shotguns and bombs.

The Combat-K squad are dropped into this warzone to uncover what’s turned the planet into a wasteland of murder and mutations, and soon their focus is on the darkness at the Nano-Tek corporation itself... This is hardhitting science fiction from the author of War Machine.

“Non-stop blood-and-guts action thriller.” on War Machine

“Hard-hitting, galaxy-spanning, no-holds-barred, old-fashioned action adventure.”
The Guardian on War Machine


Andy Remic

When not motorcycling, mountain biking, snowboarding or climbing, there's little hard man Andy Remic likes better than penning hardcore SF novels such as Spiral, Quake and Warhead.

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