2 years ago

We're coming to Nine Worlds! We're practically holding ourselves back from arriving days before anyone else and yes, okay, so it'd be a little weird if we were found with our faces pressed against the windows, just waiting for the doors to Nine Worlds to be open, but we're flippinge excited and we don't care what anyone says! 

We've got authors attending and you can find them in various panels, at workshops, and even (and this we cannot shout about enough), the one and only Nate 'Frog Croakley' Crowley talking books, zombies leading revolutions and much, much more.

So, do join us in the Bordeaux Suite, Friday 4th August where we'll be launching the highly anticipated The Death and Life of Schneider Wrack, by Nate Crowley.

And to top it all off, we'll be giving a sneak-peak of 100 Best Video Games (that never existed) to all the lucky folk that can get there, and sharing drinks all round.

Check out the timetable below and join us for a fantastic weekend celebrating and pouring libations at the feet of the geekdom gods!*

Don't forget to visit the official Nine Worlds website for details and full schedule, and follow the con on Twitter to keep up to date on all the info. 

*In the interest of honesty, the drinks will more than likely go down our throats -- but we're sure the gods understand!


Character Creation Workshop (sign up required) ~ Gaie Sebold

Redemption in Sci-fi - From Vader to Teal'c and Aeryn Sun ~ Adrian Tchaikovsky

Creating Original Dystopia in a Somewhat Dystopian World

Edit As You Go v Blast Through to The End: Finishing Your Novel

The Death and Life of Schneider Wrack - Book Launch ~ Nate Crowley

Literally "Literally": On Punching Grammer Nazis ~ David Thomas Moore, Editor

Robots, AI and the Labour Market