The Second Empire

Released 22 January 2013

By Paul Kearney



The last Torunnan army stands at bay before the walls of its capital, as the Merduk Sultan's forces muster to crush his insolent neighbour once and for all.

King Abeleyn of Hebrion strives to maintain control of his kingdom, riven by the vying factions he has now suppressed and battered by the battles he wished he'd not had to fight.

Himerius's Church is extending its power across Normannia, rivalling the might of the long-lost Fimbrian Empire, even as a terrible corruption rises within.

Today, truly, the fate of all the Monarchies of God hangs in the balance...

‘People don't just die in Kearney's novels, they die badly, with a credible but not overwhelming edge of pain and squalor.’
Infinity Plus


Paul Kearney

Paul Kearney is the critically-acclaimed author of The Monarchies of God and the Sea Beggars series. He has been long-listed for the British Fantasy Award. In the eight years subsequent to the publication of The Way to Babylon, Kearney lived in Copenhagen, New Jersey, and Cambridgeshire, but at present he makes his home a stone's throw from the sea in County Down, with his wife, two dogs, a beat-up old boat, and far too many books.