The Happier Dead

Released 13 March 2014

By Ivo Stourton


Only the rich will live forever...

The critically-acclaimed author of The Night Climbers and The Book Lover’s Tale, and son of journalist Edward Stourton as well as an Eton classmate of HRH Prince William, Ivo Stourton now comes to Solaris with The Happier Dead.

This fascinating new blend of crime and science-fiction in the vein of PD James’ The Children of Men is set in a future where human desires take society to the edge.

Britain’s influence on the world stage rests in its monopoly of “The Treatment,” a procedure which gives the rich and powerful a state of permanent physical youth. In the Great Spa on the edge of London, a murder of a guest threatens to destabilise the new order and DCI Oates must unravel the secrets behind the Treatment and the disappearance of its creator, passing through a London rife with disorder and corruption. As the city descends into chaos, his investigation could not only lead to the destruction of the Great Spa but his own ruin and the loss of everything he holds most dear.

Already a writer of great talent and power, Stourton’s latest novel questions the consequences of a divided society and of how a society of privilege can come crashing down with the slightest act.

“Stourton can really write... his next move will certainly be worth watching.”
– Independent on Sunday on The Night Climbers

 “Stourton is a storyteller with perfect poise.” – The Spectator on The Book Lover’s Tale

UK: 9781781081822 | 13th March 2014
US: 9781781081839 | 26th February 2014


Ivo Stourton

Ivo Stourton is the author of The Happier Dead, and two previous non-SF novels The Night Climbers (Doubleday, 2007) and The Book Lover’s Tale (Doubleday, 2011). He is married and lives in London.