1 year ago

Solaris, the multiple award-winning publisher of cutting edge science fiction and fantasy, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Steel Frame; a powerful and dramatic debut novel from South African writer Andrew Skinner. 

The deal was negotiated by Jamie Cowen of the Ampersand agency and acquired by Commissioning Editor David Thomas Moore. 

Discussing the acquisition, the author had this to say: 

"I'm really stoked to be working on Steel Frame with Solaris. I set out wanting to write something soulful, for all its hard edges, and I think they're a great fit. Expect clashing war-machines, endless skies and ancient secrets—and small moments of warmth hidden in between." 

Commissioning Editor, David T. Moore had this to add: 

"You want a big, bright, loud action SF book about giant robots kicking the snot out of each other? Steel Frame's got that. But there's more to it as well; Rook's recovery from the betrayal and loss that left her there, and the way she and the Juno bring each back from the brink, is one of the most thoughtful and considered things you'll read this year." 

Solaris Books are excited to welcome Andrew Skinner to their growing list of talented writers who are bringing fresh perspectives to genre fiction. 

Solaris has world rights to the title which will publish in both trade paperback and ebook in summer, 2019. Read on for more about the book and make sure to follow us for updates about this title! 

by Andrew Skinner 


Rook is a jockey, a soldier whose life's purpose is to fly 'shells,' huge robots that fight for the outer regions of settled space. When her shell is destroyed and her squad is killed, Rook is imprisoned, left stranded, scarred and broken. Hollow and helpless without her steel frame, she's ready to call it quits. 

When her cohort of prisoners are sold into indenture to NorCol, a vast frontier corporation, Rook's given another shell—a near-decrepit Juno, as broken as she is and decades older—and sent to a rusting bucket of a ship on the end of the known space to patrol something called "The Eye," a strange, unnerving permanent storm in space. 

But they're not alone. 


Andrew Skinner grew up in South Africa’s coal-mining heartland, amidst orange dust and giant machinery. He now works as an archaeologist and anthropologist, interested in folklore, rain-making arts, and resistance; but the machines aren’t done with him yet. Steel Frame is his first novel. You can follow him on Twitter @apocrobot