Age of Godpunk

Released 27 August 2013

By James Lovegrove


In Africa, Dion Yeboah is drawn into a life-or-death battle of wits by a sinister spider; in 1968, student Guy Lucas performs a black mass and finds you cannot trick the Devil; and energy billionaire Barnaby Pollard discovers that Mother Nature is not to be tampered with – welcome to the Age of Godpunk.

James Lovegrove’s New York Times best-selling Pantheon series returns with a trilogy of electric tales that pit humanity against the gods. From Satan to Anansi, and even Gaia herself, this omnibus of stories is packed with whimsical deities and foolish humans.

“The kind of complex, action-oriented SF Dan Brown would write if Dan Brown could write.” 
-The Guardian

UK: 9781781081280 
US: 9781781081297 


James Lovegrove

James Lovegrove was born on Christmas Eve 1965 and is the author of more than 40 books. James has sold well over 40 short stories, the majority of them gathered in two collections, Imagined Slights and Diversifications. He has written a four-volume fantasy saga for teenagers, The Clouded World (under the pseudonym Jay Amory), and has produced a dozen short books for readers with reading difficulties, including Wings, Kill Swap, Free Runner, Dead Brigade, and the 5 Lords Of Pain series. He lives with his wife, two sons and cat in Eastbourne, a town famously genteel and favoured by the elderly, but in spite of that he isn’t planning to retire just yet.

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