The End of the Line

Released 1 October 2010

By Jonathan Oliver

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In the night-black tunnels something stirs, borne on a warm breath of wind, reeking of diesel and blood. The spaces between stations hold secrets too terrible for the surface world to comprehend, and the steel lines sing with the songs of the dead.

The End of The Line collects some of the very best in new horror writing in a themed anthology of stories set on, and around, the Underground, the Metro and other places deep below. This collection of nineteen new stories includes thoughtful, disturbing and terrifying tales by Ramsey Campbell, Christopher Fowler, Mark Morris, Pat Cadigan, Adam Nevill and Michael Marshall Smith amongst many others.

“A pleasingly atmospheric anthology, that fans of original horror will find
studded with darkly glittering jewels.”
-Jes Bickham, SFX

Award nominations:
British Fantasy 2010: Best Anthology

UK: 9781907519321 | 16th November 2010
US: 9781907519338 | 1st October 2010


Jonathan Oliver

Jonathan Oliver is the multi-award winning editor of The End of The Line, Magic, House of Fear, End of the Road and Dangerous Games. He’s also written a couple of novels and a bunch of short stories. He lives in Abingdon with his family and their cat.

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