End of the Road

Released 26 November 2013

By Jonathan Oliver

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Bringing together a diverse group of contemporary international writers, the critically acclaimed editor of Magic, The End of The Line and House of Fear, Jonathan Oliver, delivers an anthology of travel tales like no other.

Each step leads you closer to your destination, but who, or what, can you expect to meet along the way? Here are stories of misfits, spectral hitch-hikers, nightmare travel tales and the rogues, freaks and monsters to be found on the road. Strap on your seatbelt, or shoulder your backpack, and wait for that next ride... into darkness.

This is an incredible anthology of original short stories from an exciting list of writers from across the globe, including the best-selling Philip Reeve, the World Fantasy Award-winning Lavie Tidhar and the incredible talents of S.L. Grey, Ian Whates, Jay Caselberg, Benjanun Sriduangkaew, Zen Cho, Sophia McDougall, Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, Anil Menon, Rio Youers, Vandana Singh, Paul Meloy, Adam Nevill and Helen Marshall.

Awards and nominations:
British Fantasy Award 2014: Best Anthology (winner)
World Fanasy Award 2014: Best Anthology (nominee)
The Shirley Jackson Award for Best Anthology 2014 (nominee)

UK: 9781781081532 | 5th December 2013
US: 9781781081549 | 26th November 2013


Jonathan Oliver

Jonathan Oliver is the multi-award winning editor of The End of The Line, Magic, House of Fear, End of the Road and Dangerous Games. He’s also written a couple of novels and a bunch of short stories. He lives in Abingdon with his family and their cat.

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