Lou Morgan

Louise Morgan’s first short story was published by the British Fantasy Society in 2008, and her work has since appeared in venues including Hub Magazine and Morpheus Tales. Born in Wales, she now lives with her husband and son in Brighton, England, placing her firmly on the front line in the event of a mutant-squid attack. This is not something she likes to think about. Blood and Feathers is her first novel.

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Blood and Feathers

Released 2 August 2012

By Lou Morgan

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You’re not having the best of days: you got rained on, missed your bus, were late for work. So when two angels arrive, claiming your life so far is a lie, it all goes a bit epic…

In one of the most anticipated debuts this year, Solaris is proud to present Blood and Feathers by breakthrough author Lou Morgan.

The war between the angels and the Fallen is escalating, and innocent civilians are caught in the cross-fire. Hunted by the Fallen and guided by a disgraced angel with a drinking problem – our heroine will learn the truth about her own history and why the angels want to send her to hell.

Blood and Feathers is a storming debut from a fresh new writer whose work is both violent and incisive, acerbic and witty. Morgan draws you into a new world of gun-toting angels and timeless battles that will blow you away.

“A hell of a ride, but heaven to read: eerie, compelling and very funny.”
-Michael Marshall Smith

 “Dark, enticing and so sharp the pages could cut you, Blood and Feathers is a must-read for any fan of the genre”
-Sarah Pinborough

UK: 9781781080184 
US: 9781781080191


Blood and Feathers: Rebellion

Released 4 July 2013

By Lou Morgan

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Following her stunning debut with Blood and Feathers, Lou Morgan has returned to her genre-busting take on angels and demons. Blood and Feathers: Rebellion picks up the story after the events of the first book, with the final war between good and evil being waged, and Alice and Mallory trapped in the middle.

Driven out of hell and with nothing to lose, the Fallen wage open warfare against the angels on the streets. And they’re winning. As the balance tips towards the darkness, Alice – barely recovered from her own ordeal in hell and struggling to start over – once again finds herself in the eye of the storm. But with the chaos spreading and the Archangel Michael determined to destroy Lucifer whatever the cost, is the price simply too high? And what sacrifices will Alice and the angels have to make in order to pay it?

Adding a fresh new voice to the industry with a book that is violent and incisive, acerbic and witty, with Blood and Feathers: Rebellion Morgan proves herself a talent to be watched.

“Morgan impressed with her darkly fantastic debut” on Blood and Feathers

“Dark, enticing and so sharp the pages could cut you.”
Sarah Pinborough

UK: 9781781081228 | 4th July 2013
US: 9781781081235 | 9th July 2013