For a Few Souls More

Released 30 December 2014

By Guy Adams

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Every one hundred years the small town of Wormwood appears; taking a variety of guises it last just 24 hours before vanishing. But in those 24 hours it contains the single greatest miracle a man can imagine: the gateway to Heaven. 

In the thrilling conclusion to Adams’ stunning Heaven’s Gate Trilogy the uprising in Heaven is at an end, and Paradise has fallen to become the forty-third state of America.

Now angels and demons must learn to get along with humans, as the rest of the world is in uproar. How can America claim the afterlife as its own? It’s certainly going to try as the President sets out for the town of Wormwood for talks with its governor, the man they call Lucifer.

Meanwhile, Hell has problems of its own. There’s a new evangelist walking its roads, trying to bring the penitent to paradise, and a new power is rising. Can anyone stand up to the Godkiller?

Described as a “delightful mix of Philip Pullman and Sergio Leone,” Guy Adams’ Heaven’s Gate Trilogy draws to a close in 2015 as the town’s inhabitants ride out for the last time. Part-steampunk, part-weird Western, and entirely unlike any other series you’ve read before; Adams’ creations leap from the page in brawl of spent bullets and lost souls. If you haven’t already got on the trail to Wormwood now is the time to join the pilgrimage.

“Supernatural cowboys and steampunk Indians… saddle up for an enjoyable ride.”
-Starburst Magazine

“Guy Adams has created something special”
-Fantasy Faction

“A Tour de Force… I could not put The Good, The Bad and The Infernal down”

“Guy Adams is just magnificent.”
-Fantasy Book Review

“Puts the weird in weird western with a fantastical cast of characters on the strangest journeys of their lives.”
-The Qwillery

UK: 9781781082874 | 15th January | £7.99 
US: 9781781082881| 30th December 2014 | $7.99 


Guy Adams

Guy Adams is a no-good, pen-toting son of a bitch. Responsible for over twenty penny-dreadfuls and scientific romances such as The World House and the Deadbeat series. He has also worked with the Hammer Books Gang creating novelisations of their foul kinematographs and has been known to operate under the alias of John Watson M.D. writing novels featuring that pansy-ass detective Sherlock Holmes. He is wanted in several states and a reward is offered for anyone quick enough to slip a noose around his crooked neck. 

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