Review round-up: Age of Shiva

5 years ago

Ye gods! The latest in James Lovegrove's Pantheon series, Age of Shiva, has been out a week and it's been going down a storm with fans and newcomers alike.

He's also been pounding the blog tour beat with - amongst others - a chat with My Bookish Ways about the Pantheon series, a piece for UpComing4Me about how he found working with the Hindu pantheon for his latest book in the series, and an article for Mass Movement about the differences between monotheistic religions and polytheistic ones.

"Possibly Lovegrove’s best yet ... Age of Shiva is simply awesome. Once again James Lovegrove has subverted and exceeded expectations."
SF Signal

"9/10 James Lovegrove’s Godpunk series has been consistently fresh, interesting and exciting so far."

"Verdict: The gods should smile on this. 8/10"
Sci-Fi Bulletin

"A brilliant reframing of classic Indus mythology, brought kicking and screaming into a world where greedy corporations, nature-meddling scientists and rash governments all work to distort what’s supposed to be something pure and good."
Everything Comes Back to 2000 AD