The Iron Ship

Released 26 May 2015

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Merchant, industrialist and explorer Trassan Kressind has an audacious plan – combining the might of magic and iron in the heart of a great ship to navigate an uncrossed ocean, seeking the city of the extinct Morfaan to uncover the secrets of their lost sciences.

Ambition runs strongly in the Kressind family, and for each of Trassan’s siblings fate beckons, Soldier Rel is banished to a vital frontier, bureaucrat Garten balances responsibility with family loyalty, sister Katriona is determined to carve herself a place in a world of men, outcast Guis struggles to contain the energies of the soul, while priest Aarin dabbles in forbidden sorcery.

The world is in turmoil as new money brings new power, and the old social order crumbles. And as mankind grows stronger, a terror from the ancient past awakens….

The Iron Ship is an exciting new generation of epic fantasy from the progressive and hugely talented new author K. M. McKinley. Featuring intricate and detailed world building, The Iron Ship plays out against a panorama of beautifully realised scenery in a world where tired gods walk industrial streets and the tide’s rise and fall is extreme enough to swamp continents.

With a cast of believable and fully realised characters The Iron Ship is an epic exploration of the universal and the familiar in a world where magic collides with science; a modern classic adventure story. McKinnley will fast become the new go-to name for fantasy fans.

The Iron Ship is the first title in the on-going The Gates of the World Series, with the second title The City of Ice publishing for January 2017. 

“A thoroughly modern fantasy played out across a sprawling continent of intrigue and adventure, by a cast of compelling, believable characters.”
-Gav Thorpe

“I tore through this: it has the raw energy and endless inventiveness of classic Moorcock.”
-Adam Roberts

UK: 9781781083338 | £7.99 | June 18th 2015
US: 9781781083505 | $7.99 | May 26th 2015