THE AWESOME: review round-up

4 years ago

THE AWESOME review round-up

“THE AWESOME does not merely live up to its name, but in fact, speeds past it at the speed of a crossbow bolt slamming into a vampire’s breastbone.” – Chuck Wendig, author of the Miriam Black series

“Piercing and brutally funny—I wish I’d had Darrows to read when I was a teen.” – Lilith Saintcrow, author of the Dante Valentine series

“The story is imaginative, the suspense is taut and the action sequences are worthy of Joss Whedon. I'm onboard for any and all sequels.” -James A. Moore author of the Seven Forges series

“Maggie's profanity-laced, snarky, deeply loving, yet antagonistic relationship with her mother is delightful.” – Kirkus Starred Review

“Blisteringly funny and unrepentantly crass, Maggie’s hard-edged narration is the soul of Maggie’s story, which thoughtfully explores her complicated relationships with her boyfriend and take-no-prisoners mother.” – Publishers Weekly Starred Review

“THE AWESOME is wickedly smart and horrific but hilarious… You all are going to LOVE this book.” – Fangirlish

“The best thing I can say is I wish I had this book when I was a teenager… THE AWESOME delivers exactly what the title promises. Buy it now.” – YA Asylum

“With any luck, THE AWESOME will be the start of a great new series. Certainly they are enough plot threads left dangling to make for a sequel… THE AWESOME does what it sets out to, and if you like Urban Fantasy, then you should give it a look.” – Starburst Magazine

“I LOVE The Awesome. Eva Darrows is on my must-read list. 5/5” – Dark Matter Zine

“Maggie Cunningham is the foul-mouthed little sister to Chuck Wendig’s Miriam Black with a dash of Joss Whedon.” – A Measure of Strangeness

“It’s its own genre. Genre Awesome.” – Istyria Book Review

“If you are looking for a book that will provide hours of entertainment, a good ab workout from the laughs, and a fantastic story, look no further.” – Xpresso Reads

“The Awesome really is a killer read, it is funny, it's fast paced, spunky and a little scary in bits, it is like a cross between Supernatural and the early Southern Vampire series novels that have been jammed in a blender with a shed load of vodka and spice. 5/5” – Random Redhead Ramblings

“Darrows has a killer knack for character development…  It’s a YA book that anyone can enjoy.” – Atomic Fangirl

“The Awesome is a nonstop fun express - poking fun at everything including itself.  A protagonist that I look forward to meeting again soon.” - Smorgasbord Fantasia

“This book is kind of like a Buffy the Vampire Slayer story, but revitalized” – Mentor’s Reading

“A really fun mix of genres that is best described as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Gilmore Girls having a weird kid that turns out to be Superbad.” – The Artolater

“This has to be one of the very best paranormal books I have ever read… a must read!” – Skeena and a Book