Happy publication day The Night Clock!

4 years ago

Today we publish Paul Meloy's superb debut novel The Night Clock, a fantasy horror unlike anything else you're likely to read this year, and boy are we excited.

You might know Paul from his award-winning short stories, and if your expectations are high for his first foray into long-form fiction, then you're not going to be let down.

You can find out a little about Paul's writing process in Upcoming4Me's Story Behind The Night Clock, and check out some of the rave reviews below:

  • Kirkus “A shocking, roiling, but imitative quest to protect human dreams.”
  • Publisher’s Weekly “Skin-crawling dread is explored with relish, and creatures right out of a Bosch painting will please horror fans hungry for visceral terror, but the real entertainment of this novel lies in the juxtaposition of the wondrous and the grotesque.”
  • This Is Horror - "Meloy is a master - tense, tense, shocking and laugh-out-loud funny.
  • - "Meloy’s first novel is a complex, curling, nightmarish affair that, in weaker hands would snap under its own ambition.”
  • Books For The Trees - "I’ve never read a blend of fantasy and realism like that before."
  • - "The Night Clock was wonderfully written. Meloy composes his sentences smoothly and with ease”

The Night Clock is out now!
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