The Rebellion Advent Calendar: Day Five

4 years ago

It's December fifth, and Claus the All Powerful relaxes upon his candy cane throne. Plans for The Day are going according to plan. Mrs Claus is happy. He is happy. 

But there are problems. Rumblings of a reindeer rebellion brewing. Rudolph has been stirring up discontent among his brethren. He wants a living wage, a carrrot allowance, a union. His nose is redder than ever. Claus ponders the revolt to the soothing sound of that song that David Bowie did with Bing Crosby. Soon, he shall visit the reindeer and assert his authority once more...

Before then, however, we've got another piece of super-sweet Advent goodness for you. We wouldn't want to anger Claus. He watches. He always watches. 

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