The Rebellion Advent Calendar: Day Ten

4 years ago

10 December, and the Santa War continues in the North Pole.

The casualties from the Battle of Burnt Turkey Ridge pick candy cane shards out of their red and gold tunics. Morale among the Santa loyalists is low.

To the east, Rudolf's rebels begin a relentless carolling campaign, singing around the clock in an attempt to deprive the enemy of sleep. Bells jingle endlessly. 

In Claus House, Santa gathers his brightest elves. He wants the war ended. It is decided: a mighty weapon will be built, something so great and terrible that it will bring Rudolf to heel and put Christmas back on track...


It's looking bad in the North Pole, but worry not, for Christmas is on track here at Rebellion HQ. Today, we're giving you a chance to win Silvia Moreno-Garcia's most excellent Signal To Noise - yes, the Signal To Noise that was one of Buzzfeed's best fantays books of 2015!

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