The Rebellion Advent Calendar: Day Twelve

3 years ago

It’s December 12th, and in the rebel lines just outside of the Claus compound, where once there was carolling there is now only suffering.

A young elf, a reserve up at the front for the first time, hears the tale from Corporal Brightbuttons.

‘We never stood a chance, lad. Baubles. Thousands of ‘em, stuffed with cinnamon and set to explode on delayed fuses. We was carolling, just as old Rudolf told us to, and they hit us right in as we were doing the ‘fa la las’ in Good King Wenceslas. The sky was full of exploding baubles and cinnamon, and let me tell you lad, it got right in our throats good and proper. Ain’t gonna be any carolling round these parts for a while.’

 ‘And that ain’t all – they reckon it was old Claus himself that dreamt that one up. Who’d have thunk it! Santa, stopping his own elves from singing the songs of the season!’

Behind him, Rudolf silently slips away. He has been walking among the men incognito, his nose blacked with shoe polish.

‘Santa,’ he growls, as he returns to his quarter. ‘You’ll pay for this cinnamon-y outrage...’


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