Our Staff
Jon Oliver
Jon Oliver,
Jonathan Oliver is the evil overlord of a vast empire of books, which he rules with cruel malice and tyranny. At least that's what its says on his character sheet. In reality Jon is a mild-mannered, calm, easy-going chap full of joie-de-vivre and bonhomie. But that might be a lie too. Okay, so Jon is a big uber-geek who has an MA in Science-Fiction, has worked in publishing for 10 years, used to be a stand-up comic and lives with his wife and cat in Abingdon. There, that sounds about right. There is no truth to the rumour that something foul and squamous lives in a vast subterranean chamber beneath his house, bound by elder signs and just waiting for the stars to be right...
David Moore
David Moore,
David Thomas Moore emigrated from Australia in 1994, and has lived, worked and studied in the UK ever since. A life-long devotee of fantasy, science-fiction and horror and sporadically published in online magazines and fanzines, he is very excited to be working as an editor on the Solaris imprint. He is a dedicated role-player and board-gamer, is married and lives in Reading. There is no truth to the rumour that he is an Australian Special Forces forward agent, sent to infiltrate your media prior to a full-scale invasion.