Shine: An Anthology of Optimistic SF
Shine: An Anthology of Optimistic SF

Shine: a collection of gems that throw light on a brighter future. Some of the world's most talented SF writers (including Alastair Reynolds, Kay Keyon and Jason Stoddard) show how things can change for the better. From gritty polyannas to workable futures, from hard-fought progress to a better tomorrow; heart-warming and mind-expanding stories that will (re-) awaken the optimist in you!

About the Author
Jetse de Vries has been writing SF since 1999, and had his first story published in November 2003. His stories have appeared in about two dozen publications on both sides of the Atlantic, and include Amityville House of Pancakes, vol. 1, JPPN 2, Nemonymous 4, Northwest Passages:A Cascadian Anthology, DeathGrip: Exit Laughing, HUB Magazine #2, and Clarkesworld Magazine (May 2007), SF Waxes Philisophical anthology, Postscripts Magazine #14 and Flurb #6.

They're upcoming in the A Mosque Among the Stars anthology, and hopefully in some other future publications.

He's been part of the Interzone editorial team from March 2004 until September 2008, and is now working on SHINE, an anthology of optimistic, near future SF for Solaris Boooks and other future editorial projects.